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“You can’t teach an old dog…”

You have probably heard the old quip, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” It is one that people like to say, but is it really true? Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Unlike some other adages, it is actually not true.

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

However, there are definitely some differences trying to teach an older dog versus teaching a younger dog.

Dogs Young and Old

The best time to train a dog and teach them new tricks is when they are younger. That is true. Younger dogs’ brains are more maleable when it comes to learning new tricks and commands. Older dogs can definitely learn new tricks and commands, though it might take a bit longer than it would for a younger dog.

As dogs get older and their joints get a bit creakier, more strenuous tricks or commands will be much harder for them to do, let alone learn. Older dogs might also have trouble seeing or hearing which would make visual or audio cues for commands harder for them to recognize.

So if your older dog is struggling to learn a command, maybe consider that the command might be a bit too difficult for them and consider trying different ones.

Here are some easier tricks that older dogs might pick up easier:

  • Speak
  • Shake
  • High Five
  • Grabbing their leash

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