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Short & Sweet

The Efficiency of Shorter Training Sessions

One key to successful training is to keep your sessions short and sweet. Like humans, dogs can get distracted easily, and may have a shorter attention span.

A dog’s attention span varies over its lifetime. Puppies have shorter attention spans because they are so excited and want to experience everything! Adult dogs have a bit longer attention span, but every dog is different. Older dogs also have a shorter attention span, because they are a bit more tired and may have difficulty performing certain tasks.

Why should training sessions be short?

As mentioned above, dogs have varying attention spans. To keep them engaged and learning, we want to stay below that attention span. If we go over it, the dog will get bored, disinterested, or stressed, and not want to perform tasks. If this happens every time a training session occurs, the dog will start to dread training, when it should really be a fun experience.

Training Sessions at Doggie Day School

Our Doggie Day School programs are set up in such a way that we work with your dog to determine how long they can effectively learn and adjust their training sessions accordingly. So if the sweet spot for one dog is five minutes, then that dog will have five minute training sessions.

Every dog is unique and learns differently. It’s all about working with your dog to determine how they will learn best.


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