September 2020 Newsletter Preview

Fetching Fall

September 2020 Newsletter  

In this newsletter:
1. Responsible Dog Ownership Month
2. The Scent of Danger (New Blog Post!)
3. Monthly Poll
4. National Dog Week

Responsible Dog Ownership Month

This month is Responsible Dog Ownership Month! Have you decided how you want to celebrate yet?

If not, the American Kennel Club has a great article talking about 7 ways to celebrate being a responsible pet owner! It’s never too late to pick up new pet care habits and work them into your routine. .

New Blog Post

Speaking of being a responsible pet owner…

Do you use a lot of air fresheners? What about a diffuser? Did you know that certain scents from air fresheners or diffusers can be harmful to your pets?

Our new blog post discusses scents that can be harmful to your pets when present in the air. Check it out to learn more.

Monthly Poll

Last month we asked our subscribers what their dog’s favorite way to exercise was and the results are in!

Nearly 67% of them said their dogs enjoy going for walks the most.
Then it was a tie for second place between running around in the yard and playing fetch!

This month we are asking our subscribers:

What kinds of pets do you have at home?

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National Dog Week

Lastly, this week is National Dog Week! In celebration of that, we asked everyone on our Facebook page to share pictures of their pets with us!

We love seeing dog pictures and wanted to share a bunch with all of you! So here are a bunch of fun pictures people on our Facebook sent in and some fun ones we have taken!

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