One of our favorite parts of clients coming home and picking up their pets is hearing the stories of all the cool places they visited while they were away. Stories of finding a nice little restaurant hidden away on the side streets of a city known only to the locals that happens to have the best food around. Stories of amazing attractions that draw countless visitors to see what they have to offer.


We want to share those experiences with others!

Scrappy suggests on Pinterest!


Our Pinterest Page in home to Scrappy Suggests. It acts as our little bulletin board of places to visit while out of town (and even some local favorites as well!)


Going out of town?

Simply visit our Pinterest, look for the board named after where you are going and see everything that was suggested! Each board is broken down into food and attractions. The food section will help you find the best places around to eat. The attractions section will show you all of the cool things to do in the area.

Nothing suggested for where you’re at?

Get out and explore the area! If you find somewhere that you enjoy and want to share with the world, let us know.

Whether it’s a small little coffee shop in the middle of nowhere or a large amusement park that captivated you all day, we are looking for experiences and adventures to share with everyone.

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