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Potty Training

How to Stop Your Puppy From Having Accidents in the House.

Puppies are adorable, sweet, and a lot of work. Here are a few tips for potty training your puppy.

To prevent accidents in the house, give them time to go outside every hour for at least ten minutes. By giving the puppy more frequent breaks, you are ensuring that most of their eliminations will happen outside. A good rule of thumb, according to the AKC, is that puppies can hold their bladder for an hour for every month old they are. So for example, a 2 month old puppy should be able to hold going potty for 2 hours, a 5 month old for 5 hours, etc.

Puppies should go potty first thing in the morning, and last thing at night to prevent accidents. When they do go potty outside, make sure to reward them with a treat and praise! Potty training should be a positive experience.

What if my Puppy does have an accident?

 If the puppy does have an accident in the house, do not punish them. By then it is too late, and they do not remember going potty. Make sure to keep an eye out for signs that your puppy has to go. These signs include sniffing the ground, running with their nose to the ground, or going to the door.

If you work long days, try taking them to our Doggie Daycare. This will help reduce accidents in your house. Our doggie day care will also help entertain and engage your pet with play times throughout the day.

To assist with potty training while your dog is lodging with us, we also offer a puppy package to pups under nine months. Included in this package are 3 extra business walks, to make sure that your puppy has plenty of time to go potty outside. The package also includes two play times, a gourmet treat, and a story time tuck-in.


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