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Update for May 2020, see below

Bark ‘N’ Town Friends & Family,

The world, our nation, our state, and our local community is facing many issues with the COVID-19 crisis.  I’m very concerned about how we as a community (that’s everyone in my mind as we are all a community) will choose to react to those around us.  I’m choosing to remain positive and looking forward to getting this past us.  We have survived other crises before; we’ve learned from those experiences and will learn more from this one.

Most likely our children are not old enough to have experienced an event like this. They are looking at us and how we are choosing to respond.  Be honest with them and let them know you’re scared and concerned.  I certainly am, and I’m choosing to stay positive and show them that perseverance and strength we all have within us will get us through this as our parents, grandparents, and ancestors have come through events like 9/11, World Wars 1 & 2, The Great Depression, etc.

I recently read a book (Beverly was SHOCKED) called “The Energy Bus” by Jon Gordon.  My take away from the book is what we focus our energy on is what we get.  So, if we choose to focus on the positive, uplifting, caring, and being a best friend to everyone we will have a positive outcome. I personally know that it’s VERY easy to focus on the negative (it our default behavior), so we need to be consciously focusing on the positive energy.

Let’s look for opportunities to be not just a good neighbor, let’s be awesome neighbors and friends.  There are people who need our assistance.  Recently a client of ours checked in on his elderly neighbors (in their 90s). He asked if they needed anything and they said they were doing just fine. He then mentioned to them that the store was running low on items and they were out of hot dog buns. Later that afternoon the elderly neighbor showed up with hot dog buns for him!

The power of positive energy should never be underestimated!  Find the good in people. Find the good in the moment. Be the positivity that everyone around you needs right now.  It’s contagious and will change us all for the better!


Bark ‘N’ Town has lost over 95% of our Spring Break reservations.  We completely understand why this is happening as travel is uncertain and many places people are travelling to are closing.  Looking to the positive we are looking forward to a very busy summer travel season.  We are planning on remaining open unless we are instructed to close.  If this should occur, we will post this information on our Facebook page and contact those people with current reservations or those that have pets staying with us. All pets that are currently lodging with us will be cared for as usual.

We are currently open for lodging and day care.  We will be suspending grooming services until April 8th, due to Governor Pritzker’s notice to close all non-essential services.  We feel it’s prudent to follow these guidelines to minimized the possibility of spreading COVID-19.  We will be rescheduling all grooming from March 22 through April 7th and will also keep a waiting / will call list for any additional grooming requests.


Dog grooming will open beginning May 1st.  We know everyone is anxious to get their pet’s groomed.  We are currently developing new procedures to insure we are following proper guidelines for safety of our staff, customers, and your pets.  We are also awaiting further information the State of Illinois that may affect those plans.

If you had a grooming scheduled during the stay-at-home order your name and pet are already on the list for a call to schedule a grooming. 

If you’ve called, emailed or messaged us recently, your name is also on the call-back list.

If you are not on the call back list, please give us a call to be added to the list.

We have adjusted our deposit policy and for those wishing to cancel their reservation will have their deposit left on account for future use.

Be assured we are taking additional precautions and steps to clean & disinfect our facility to protect those that come to our facility.  While are daily sanitization procedures are among the best you’ll find in our industry, we feel the additional steps to protect those that come and go from our facility is warranted.


We are making some additional changes during this crisis:


  • We will no longer be accepting outside items. The only exception to this is food (dry kibble bagged in meal size portions & sealed cans), treats & medications. These items should be brought in a disposable bag or plastic container than can be disinfected.
  • When you drop off, we will transfer your pet to our own lead / leash and have you take your pet’s leash and collar with you. Please bring it back when you pick up. This would also be a great opportunity to wash your pet’s collar and leash.
  • We will also be changing our drop off and pick up procedures. Please call in advance of your arrival for instructions.
  • We may be making adjustments to our front desk hours. Please check our website, Facebook page, or call our main number to check for changes.


Please support all our local small businesses!  We all need your help and support right now. Local small businesses, like Bark ‘N’ Town, are the lifeblood and heartbeat of our communities.  Nationally small businesses employ 58.9 million people or 47.5% of the private workforce. (Source US SBA – 2018) Supporting a local small business during this time will help us all.  It will keep money flowing in our local economy and help to keep more people employed.  Many small business owners often do not have significant cash reserves and balancing the need to keep their businesses going along with keeping staff employed has weighed heavily on them.


We love what we do! We love our communities! We love our customers!


Some things you can do to help a local small business:

  • Share their social media posts and encourage them with positive comments on their posts
  • Spend local…order take out…. home delivery…whatever you can do will help
  • Purchase a gift certificate to use later
  • Don’t over purchase and then return items after this event has passed. This prevents others that may need items for immediate use and will cost businesses money when those items are returned.


Bark ‘N’ Town has been a family business.  We consider all of you part of our family.  We are encouraged by your positive support during this difficult time.  Many of you have been understanding of the financial stress this has placed on our business.  Be assured we will survive and continue to provide the exceptional pet care you’ve come to expect.


Brian & Beverly Linning

Bark ‘N’ Town Pet Resort and Day Spa

“I truly believe that no one ever creates success alone. Everyone needs a positive team with supportive people at their side.” – Jon Gordon (The Energy Bus)

Keep this thought in mind: “My positive energy is GREATER than anyone’s doubt”.  – Jon Gordon (The Energy Bus)

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