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You might be asking yourself “What’s it like working at Bark ‘N’ Town?”  Well in this employee spotlight video, former employee Megan gives you her viewpoint on what it’s like working at Bark ‘N’ Town.

Megan talks about our Purpose & Values and how we integrate them into our day. She also discusses some of our communication tools that we use to foster better communication, avoid drama in the workplace, and understand “where others are coming from”.

Bark ‘N’ Town has a unique set of employee communication tools that help all of us be better employees and people. We train employees to use these tools and encourage them to use them in every aspect of their daily lives.

Megan also discusses her excitement to work with awesome pets and clients and how every day can be different. Bark ‘N’ Town isn’t just a fun place for pets, it’s also a fun place to work!

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