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A New Program

Recently at the Wauconda Farmers’ Market during our annual Back to Drool Pet Parade we announced the launch of our new dog training program, Doggie Day School!

As the name implies, we have set up very similar in structure to a school. You drop your pet off first thing in the morning, pick them up later in the day, and make sure they keep up on their homework.

We are currently launching with two different courses.

Four-Legged Fundamentals

Four-Legged Fundamentals is our basic training course. We have deigned it to teach basic commands and obedience. It is recommended for dogs that have not recieved any training before.

Four-Legged Fundamentals is a five day a week class, Monday through Friday, for two weeks. Depending on what skills you are looking to have your dog learn, it might be more than two weeks.


Training Refresher

The other course we are starting is Training Refresher. We put this course together to help reinforce or refresh previous training. Therefore, to take this course your dog should have had prior training.

Training Refresher is a more flexible schedule. You must sign up for a minimum of three sessions that will be scheduled on a case by case basis. Depending on the schedule there may be a increased amount of homework to work on.


Enrolling in Doggie Day School

Both of these courses are launching and there is limited space. So make sure to give us a call and inquire. Before any training is done, we will schedule an assessment day with your dog where we spend time seeing how your dog responds to training. From there we will recommend a path to move on to training or come in and get a bit more comfortable with us.


Don’t forget your school supplies!

There are a few things that are required for your dog to bring with them to Doggie Day School.

These items are:

1. 4-6 foot Non-retractable leash

2. A martingale or similar collar (no pinch, prong, or electric collars)

3. Training treats (preferably smaller treats)

After School Snacks

A little while ago we made a post about foods your dog can or can’t eat. Once your pup gets home from school and it’s time for a little snack check out this post for some awesome snack ideas! (and some you should avoid)

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