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It’s that Time of Year!

The weather is cooling down. The leaves are beginning to turn. The breeze is starting to crisp. Apples are falling from trees. Corn mazes appear in fields. Pumpkins are popping up left and right.

That’s right, it’s turned to fall.

Back to Drool

Well, maybe it’s still closer to summer right now. However, it’s still time for the start of the school year. When school starts Bark ‘N’ Town hosts the “Back to Drool Pet Parade” at the Wauconda Farmers’ Market. Most years prior we invited people from all over the area to participate in our parade showing off their pets of all shapes and sizes.

More often than not our participants were of the canine variety. However, we have definitely had some interesting critters marching along with their canine friends. Here is a gallery of photos from previous years, including some of the more exotic participants.

Changes this Year

This year we decided to do things a little different. Supporting our community is one of our core values and beliefs. So with that in mind, we thought it would be a blast to invite some local animal rescues to bring out some dogs to help find homes for them. We were joined by three awesome rescues that all brought some of the sweetest and most adorable animals you’d ever meet.

We would like to thank all three for not only attending our event but their continued contributions to local animals.

The Rescues

K9s4U Dog Rescue

K9s4U is a pet rescue based in Island Lake.

K9s4U’s Website

Reach Rescue

Reach Rescue is a pet rescue based out of Mundelein.

Reach Rescue’s Website


Save-A-Pet is a pet rescue based in Grayslake.

Save-A-Pet’s Website


We took A BUNCH of pictures at this event, I mean look at these dogs! How could you not? In case you were not able to make it out to the event you can scroll through our gallery of pictures below, it’s the next best thing to actually being there!

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