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The Holidays Are Here!

Working on your holiday shopping? Not sure what to get for that special dog in your life? Check out our holiday gift guide for some inspiration!


Primal Pet Gear 6ft Dog Leash

One of the most important things to have as a dog owner is a good leash. We recommend using a fixed length leash that isn’t too long. A fixed length leash allows for you to have better control over your dog when walking.

A good fixed length leash to check out would be the Primal Pet Gear 6ft leash. These leashes come in a variety of colors and has a second “traffic” handle to hold your dog a bit closer when the situation determines it.

ID Tags

TagsForHope Pet ID Tag

Your pet’s tags are more than just a fashion statement. They contain valuable information about your pup in case they ever get lost.

Our recomendation for tags would be the Pet ID Tags from TagsForHope. These awesome tags can hold tons of information such as your pet’s name, your phone number, your address, even your pet’s special needs and resrictions. Each tag has a unique ID# that can be searched in their database to help reconnect lost dogs to their owners.

Puzzle Toys

Treat Dispensing Puzzle Ball

It’s not only important to get all your dog’s energy out during the day, it is also important to stimulate their mind. Puzzle toys are a great way to engage your dog’s brain throughout the day. 

One of the puzzle toys we really like is the Treat Dispensing Puzzle Ball from Starmark. You put your dog’s food into any of the four chambers inside depending on how challenging you want it to be. Once you close it up, your dog rolls it around on the ground to get the little kibbles out!


Basic Solids Martingale Training Collar from Lupine Pet

Does your dog have a traditional buckle collar? Consider getting a Martingale style collar for walks! This style of collar slips a bit tighter if your dogs pulls so they are far less likely to pull out of their collar.

Lupine Pet make Martingale style collars in several different colors and patterns. Pick one that suits your dog’s unique flair and walk them in style!

Collar Light

Dog Collar LED Light

Do you ever take your dog out at night to go to the restroom and lose them in the darkness? A collar light is what you need. Simply attatch it to their collar and look for the shining light in the darkness.

There are a ton of different varieties of collar lights that you could try. These ones come in a variety pack of 6 different colors you can clip onto your dog’s collar.

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