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There is a lot that goes into having a pet.

We are here to help! Aside from being a pet resort to care for your furry friends while out of town, providing daycare services for while you are at work, and grooming to make your pooch as beautiful as could be; we also strive to be a great online resource of information on caring for pets.

We also recognize that we are far from the only online resource for pet owners. In this post we share 4 other informative resources for pet owners (or soon-to-be pet owners) to check out!

AKC Breed Index

Don’t know what breed of dog you want? Want to learn more about your dog’s breed? Well, the American Kennel Club’s Breed Index has you covered!

Containing information on nearly 200(!) breeds of dog, this resource can tell you facts about pretty much any dog breed you come across.

For example; Did you know that the Boxer was one of the first dog breeds selected for police training in Germany?

Pet Finder

Now that you know a little more about the many types of dogs out there, maybe it’s time to expand the family! If you are looking to adopt is a great resource to help you out.

Petfinder is a website dedicated to helping match animals of all shapes and sizes (not just dogs) to a caring home. They have listings from many local pet rescues to help give you a single spot to look and see what animals are looking for homes in your area.

Pet Product News

Owning a pet you probably purchase things for your pet, such as food, toys, beds, and more. Pet Product News is a great resource to find news on new or changing products for pets.

They also post articles about change ups in the pet product industry such as changes in management or events coming up. Keep checking back frequently to be in the know!

Pet Moviestars

Do you love watching movies? Does your pet watch them with you? Why not pick a movie STARRING a pet? PetMoviestars is the best resource to find a great movie to cuddle up with your furry friend and watch.

On this site you can search movies starring animals and see reviews by other people. That way you will know which movies you and your pet might enjoy. Once you are done watching a pet movie don’t forget to stop by and leave a review so others know what you thought of the movie!


So those are some fantastic online resources you should check out! Just make sure you keep checking out Scrappy’s Tales as well. We will continue to post awesome articles just like we have in the past.

If you’re new around here, feel free to take a peek around. We have some wonderful posts already up; such as 5 Tested Ways to Get a Dog to Take a Pill and What Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat and Healthy Snacks They Can Munch On.

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